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13 May
Back in January 2005 I developed a mad addiction to writing Fan Fiction. The addiction is still there but a bit more controlled now. Original fiction is also an obsession, but currently in hibernation. Been trying to post one of my originals but I guess I'm waiting to be properly motivated.

A bit about me... I'm an amateur filmmaker/writer. I say amateur because I've never been able to really go pro. I do have a couple of short films I did while I was in NYC and about 5 completed (though not edited) original stories. I just want in the future to be able to do one of those two things. Apart from that I love drawing and painting and making stuff on PSP or Photoshop. But the drawing and painting are really rusty because I haven't done anything in a while and I never took a class or something related.

Also, I've been told to be a bit weird (by my Mom actually) but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm eccentric on some things and really laid back on others. Just another human being, flawed, not a supermodel and with a head in the clouds. If after this you still want to friend me, do it don't have to ask. But drop me a line if you do. :P

That's about it.... more or less

If you're here looking for some of my SGA icons and you find that they don't load. Don't worry, is because I moved them to my web page All the random wacky quotes you may find them here


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